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Delivering Our Mission:

A company driven by its mission to provide convenient, quality care with positive measurable impact on health and well-being of both the individual and companies we work with through our clinical partners.

Company Health and CallMyDokter – For Better Productivity

CallMyDokter is a platform that supports delivery of quality, convenient and cost effective care to Companies and patients alike for improved health and productivity.

We understand that health delivered to Companies is much more than just cost but with an increasing realization that health, wellness and productivity are all associated, CallMyDokter solutions with its data and unique data structure, is able to address;

1. The immediacy for all employees and patients to access the Company doctor to triage or support immediate care (rather than the long waits at clinics or hospitals)

2. Provide more specific care support with video, medical records, issue of sick leave certificates

3. Provide needed access to a range of health services through our clinical partners, concierge support desk and online referrals from our doctors. This can include check ups, medicines, physical consults, online and physical specialists, screenings, in factory doctor visits, and Workplace health and safety support.

4. Provide appropriate plans and support through our clinic partners for long term care support including Chronic disease improvement programs, for the many diseases impacting an aging workforce also impacted by issues like long CoVid.

5. Link the results of health check ups to health support of employees

6. Provide the much needed information on workforce wellness like recent diseases trends, prevalence of chronic issues, vital signs like weight, blood pressure, sugar levels required to educate and work with employees on wellness.

More recently, CallMyDokter with its partners have been addressing health for specific user groups that impact company productivity and individuals who have been under served. Chronic care improvement programs, women health screening and maternity support are solutions aimed at supporting health and wellness of different use groups that have significant impact on workplace productivity.

Why more efficient cost? Because going back to the same doctor does matter- also for quality and more effective engagement with patients. We are also accountable for the efficient delivery of care and find our average medicine referrals are better targeted, and significantly lower than when just asking a new doctor.

For employees, they will have the satisfaction of convenience, better quality, empathy of their doctor, and also access to their private and secure own medical records and dashboards tracking their health.

Speak to us about our growing client list of well known brand names of leading companies in Indonesia seeing the CallMyDokter difference.

Health Partner Enablement- A solution for hospitals and clinics alike to build their community focus and engagement

CallMyDokter platform also enables providers- hospitals and clinics engage with their community using international standards of security, online medical records, and doctor to patient engagement. The question we ask is how much of your community is being engaged?

We are NOT a marketplace of doctors but within each of our plans, we align doctors and patient. With private and confidential plans- our partner clinics and hospitals are able to build plans and provide secure short and long term patient support from their personal doctors.

Working with the marketing and owners of hospitals and clinics we are able to build better focus for omni care delivery providing the hospital and or clinics a cloud medical record that also can be integrated back to the hospital or clinic system. In addition to in consult referrals, that can be used to support patients in the home with additional services, our consults can generate patient plans used to support more convenient pregnancy and children care, long term chronic illness management and aged care support that many in our community sadly lack.

Talk to us on how easy it can be integrated and would impact your hospital and clinic to enhance patient experience.

White Label solutions

We are now also integrating the experience into third party applications where health, access to doctors and access to tracking of wellness data matters.

This is also relevant for medical groups, hospitals and clinics.

Today one of our partners is one of the largest clinic networks in Indonesia and we also are integrated into a major maternal app.

Leading to what matters- great patient experiences

Our app and web based care is consistently rated well above 4 out of 5 for major elements of care;

- Initiations of service : 4.8 out of 5

- Experience using the App : 4.1 out of 5

- Planning With the Doctor : 4.3 out of 5

- Experienced with Medicines : 4.3 out of 5

- Overall rating of Experienced : 4.6 out of 5

- 100 % will use the app again

We believe in patient empathy, convenience, quality afforded by same doctor engagement, ready access to patient record also by the patient, online access to referrals, and availability of concierge support when and as needed.

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Life is good. Live it well.

Our secrets to great virtual care are:
  • respect of the power of the doctor, patient and care services relationship;
  • need for quality information supporting each call anytime, anywhere and;
  • the need for seamless delivery of care from monitoring wellness, the consult to delivery of the entire patient service requirement

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