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Our partner companies, clinics and hospitals have established a network of physical and online virtual care options through secure private plans. Those plans provide different options from your provider or company to types of care available to you. Whether it is employee well being, supporting you through a pregnancy, helping managing your loved ones care requirements with a concierge, hypertension control, managing weight, chronic diseases or just access to your doctor when you feel unwell, CallMyDokter platform provides your caregiver the access to provide convenient patient centric care.

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How it works

Set up your account right to build a better quality consult experience For you

Each person needs to fill in our secure and confidential pre-registration process.

If you have already been registered by your company, hospital or clinic which maybe a member, then you would have been separately advised you of your credentials. If you need more help, can also call our helpdesk +62 215 09 58 383.

For new patients, we will talk to you about your options. The registration process supports selecting a plan and you would be filling out some brief medical information like you would at any doctor's office to ensure your first consult goes smoothly.

"Your Experience Matters To Us."
We regularly interact with our patients on how they feel about the experience- from our Call Center support, using the App, and information and doctor experience. With very high ratings to date, we are also asking how we can improve and our experience is continually changing for the better.

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