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CallMyDokter is a UNIQUE TELEMEDICINE BUSINESS in Indonesia that supports the development of world class quality support to patients and doctors having its foundation from Covantex LLP, a USA platform that performs tens of thousands of consults and has hundreds of doctors in its’ specialized platform and has operated both in the USA as well as other countries. It is ideal for Long Term Care that's supporting the Relationship between Doctor and Patient. Global studies indicate that continuity and bond between patient and doctor not only improves level of care, but can also save lives. In Indonesia, the issue of this TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP is important as well as the strength of community relationship between doctors/ caregivers, hospitals/providers (including clinic networks with their broad set of health services) and patients.

In supporting the doctor patient relationship, hospitals and clinics have been the backbone of the provision of medical services from beds to radiology, lab, and the many other services the community rely on AS DOCTORS MANAGE THE VARIOUS SERVICES TO SUPPORT THEIR PATIENTS. This NEED will grow WITH STRONGER RECOGNITION OF CHRONIC DISEASE AMONG AN AGING POPULATION, NEED FOR ONLINE AND OFFLINE LONG TERM CARE (EG WOMEN HEALTH AND PARTICULARLY EXPERIENCES LIKE CONCEPTION TO BIRTH, AND with the development of devices to include monitoring of the variety of personal and home devices supporting chronic and specialized care. This PLANNING, support, AND trust, is not provided by existing TELEMEDICINE solutions and CallMyDokter recognized these true community relationships needed to be PLANNED AND supported both online and offline.

At the same time, the way specialists will deliver care is evolving quickly with all specialty groups learning how to deliver more on line. This will mean closer working relationship between specialists, their protocols and the types of technologies they seek their online consult to be support with. It will not be simply video.

CallMyDokter with its leadership have taken this quality secure solution and localized it into Bahasa Indonesian, developed appropriate patient experience models ready for quality providers and doctors to provide their patients the secure, quality interaction, INCLUDING REFERRALS AND PLANNING, WORKING WITH COMPANIES TO DELIVER EMPLOYEE WELL BEING AND providing IMMEDIATE AND LONG TERM care they deserve. It has evolved along the lines of connected living and digital technologies, as a way to support the empowered consumer access appropriate quality care and services from providers (THE VIRTUAL CLINIC) and doctors in their communities they trusted for years with a secure, complete and relevant experience from a mobile health technology platform.

The platform includes everything needed to establish and maintain the strong doctor, provider patient connection and experience. FOR COMPANIES, CONCERNED ON IMPROVING THE EMPLOYEE WELL BEING WITH BOTH THE PRIVATE DOCTOR PATIENT RELATIONSHIP AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE, IT PROVIDES A VERY DIFFERENT WAY OF MANAGING MY PRIVATE VIRTUAL CLINIC SERVICES. FOR CLINICS, IT PROVIDES A GATEWAY TO WORK WITH PATIENTS AND COMMUNITY GROUPS. Starting with scheduling, a completely cloud-based HIPAA compliant solution with integrated HD video conferencing, online referrals for pharmacy, LABORATORY, home support, MEDICAL RECORDS AVAILABLE TO THE PATIENT and information fed to service providers and patients with email integrations, it facilitates the doctor patient and medical provider service support. Finally it closes out with automated billing, options for insurance and direct payments for recurring and one-time fees.

CallMyDokter is providing COMPANIES, health providers and doctors the new the face of telehealth, mobile CONVENIENT medicine and telemedicine one patient at a time in these new connected communities. We respect the high level of trust and relationship required to deliver an end to end quality care experience between care givers, hospitals, health service providers and that expected from these evolving technologies- anytime, anywhere.

Investor, commissioners and key people

Our Indonesian operation though new, is supported by a leading investor in technology. The investor has significant investments into technology related Business to Business opportunities including smart cities, and many of the new evolving technologies that seek to improve the way business and people interact. The investor understands the evolving needs of business and healthcare. The family is extremely well known and highly respected in Indonesia with years of involvement with one of Indonesia’s largest local and international companies.

The day to day business has been driven by Darryl Hadaway and his local team. Darryl is an ex tier one consulting firm partner including senior roles Head Asia Pacific Healthcare (Andersen), Head of Andersen Business Consulting Indonesia, and Managing Partner Deloitte Central Asia. Over the last three years Darryl was involved with digital technologies with a focus on health in Indonesia with Ernst and Young. Darryl has managed clinics and been in governance committees for super specialty hospitals.

Our local team includes an experienced doctor- dr Yala Mahendra, a medical doctor with extensive experience in leadership positions in medical management/ telehealth implementation.

Our operational team led by Marco Candino, an ex consultant with experience in healthcare projects, with the help of a scalable tier one help desk supporting our B2C, as well as the processes and best practices are supported by our international partner platform company.


We encourage improved wellness for patients, through use of our platform access to information and planning. We encourage seamless delivery of care by doctors, being physical and the convenience and efficiency of virtual care.


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