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No matter where and through whatever means, in a clinic or hospitals, patients expect their doctor to provide quality health and wellness planning.

In the virtual world, it is about the tools the doctor has in front of him or her to support that engagement.

What does the doctor need for his/her telemedecine practice?

  • Patients
  • Patient History
  • Medical Information
  • Scheduling
  • Vitals / Tracking
  • Quality Video
  • My Team of Doctors
  • Seamless Care
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A doctor needs scheduling, quality video, patient history, possibly online vitals and tracking and generally medical information, plus the ability to place referrals and treatments to the appropriate health care providers.The providers can include a hospital with there many services, or local providers of pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, a dietician, home nursing services among many others. The new doctor patient relationship is about improving access and knowledge of the patient health each and every time they engage and work with their local eco system to provide quality seamless care.

Our passion is to continually enhance these features and support this doctor patient relationships with more vitals and connected devices and more integrations with health service providers to improve delivery of seamless care.

Built from the ground up for telemedicine and mobile health, our platform was the starting point and now has us positioned to accelerate the adoption of telemedicine with connected informaiton as a mainstream means of providing health care over the internet. Our goal is to provide more accessible healthcare at a fraction of the total cost to patients anytime, anywhere.

An online Telemedicine Call overview

For doctors and clinics, our platform includes everything you need to run a telemedicine practice and if needed, a branded experience.

Our platform is a configurable telemedicine solution designed to support the sole doctor connection to their patient. It is also able to scale with support branding to large practices or facilities like hospitals, aged care facilities, companies, or doctor groups. It provides them their own secure, and integratable platform (EMRs, Secure messaging, HD Video Conference, etc.) that enables their doctors and their patients operate as a separate eco system for their virtual quality consult needs while leveraging on our ongoing investment in the technologies- software as a platform service provider.

Our site opens up opportunities for broadening your name to the community, and allowing any patient now interactions through our generic apps.

In reinforcing your role with your patient, your patient will enable only the doctors in your grouping they have allowed to see updates to their data before you undertake any consult.

Our site will also encourage our health service provider partners, again with patient consent, to upload test results back into the patient history.

Key Features

  • A complete cloud-based HIPAA compliant solution
  • Integrated HD video conferencing
  • SMS and eMail integrations to facilitate the doctor patient communications
  • Robust eCommerce Engine
  • Unlimited Consults
  • Potential branded offering
  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Full scheduling module

Branded Portals

  • Family & Individual Accounts
  • Patient Profiles
  • Secure HD Video
  • Full Medical History
  • eCommerce Engine
  • Post Encounter Report
  • Multiple Scheduling Options
  • In-consult Chat
  • Mobile Device Support

Core EMR Functions

  • SOAP Notes
  • Media Attachments
  • Secure HD Video Conferencing
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Consult Recording
  • Auto complete ICD10 codes

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We also provide training and simulations of the patient and doctor interactions, journeys, provision of user manuals and we will be ready to go.

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