Virtual Clinic Solutions for Business Partners

24/7 concierge telehealth platform

We are learning much more about the importance of digital technology in supporting health and wellness in the workplace. With statistics like; (1) health and well being of employees now in the top ten business and operational risk of companies globally; and (2) 80% of workplace consults able to be completed by cost efficient telemedicine consults, and convenience provided by on line care.

Unlike other platforms, CallMyDokter with its medical history and medical information, is also allowing companies to move from a purely reimbursement model to workplace wellness. With a range of proven cost saving strategies and by addressing the high cost patient (particularly around continuing care patients – chronic care/ mental health issues), we are fundamentally delivering more quality care at a lesser cost with secure information to support decisions and improve productivity.

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CoVid and general greater employee health support

With operations at risk of closures for identification of any single employee CoVid case, new protocols around CoVid are emerging. Historically, few employers needed the support of doctors and on site clinics. Also existing clinics were more designed to address wellness and preventative medicine. They also did not necessarily cover after hours support to employees.

With greater responsibility over employee well being, and emergence of digital technologies, employers are engaging platforms for tools, and doctors to better understand employee health history and taking the necessary medical judgements on actions. The risks of CoVid do call for- patient history, allergies, medications, and some forms of vitals monitoring. Companies will be expanding where care is supported with work from home likely to continue as well as checks on suppliers and customer engagements.

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Convenient and lower cost

Telemedicine offers an alternative cost efficient and convenient healthcare delivery channel for non emergent care for payers and patients rather than visits to doctors, urgent care centers or hospital emergency rooms, or employers setting up their own appropriate resourced clinics.

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Increase employee satisfaction

Employees understand the benefits of telemedicine and are increasingly viewing this as an additional benefit.

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On-site clinics

Many employers are already offering onsite health clinic and services and are realizing the benefits of extending the type of care services and specialists that can be accessed.

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Decreased sick and down time

Telemedicine offers proven value for employee convenience, faster access to medical advice, reduced concerns on potential illnesses and related downtimes, and contributes to the overall standard of health and health awareness for your employees.

What We Offer

Coverage to fit your need

We will seek to identify a dedicated team of available doctors and health service providers in your community to support your needed coverage for your employees. This can be extended to families and also supporting specialist if required.

Urgent care visits

Opportunity for the employees to visit with onboarded doctors, if needed and when mutually convenient.

Other health services

Electronic ordering of laboratory studies, pharmacuitcals, and other health services

Telehealth platform

HIPAA compliant and secure telehealth platform that is easy to use with a smartphone.


Improved affordability with lower costs and improved quality compared to most urgent care visits.

Protecting employees & their family

CallMyDokter offers solutions to cut an employee’s family healthcare costs and provides other unique benefits not typically offered by other providers or healthcare plans.

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